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Write to your MP about Climate Change

Writing to your MP about climate change has become extremely important in this political environment. Climate Change affects us all but a lot of people don’t see it that way and writing a personal letter is more effective at getting attention brought to these issues, as compared to an email or an online petition.

An MP has thousands of constituents but only a few are vocal so their voices are heard better. A letter will go a long way forming their opinion about what their constituents want.

Your letter or email should explain how important action against climate change is to younger generations and how people who are coming of age to vote will have the ability to sway votes into certain directions, such as in the way of someone who wants to improve the environment and halt climate change.

If you don’t want the hassle of writing a personal letter but still want to contribute we have also provided a pre-written letter that you can copy and paste.

Who is my MP

You can find out who your MP is at

Letter template


Begin with an opening that will entice them to read more; usually starting with a thank you for what they have been doing for your constituency or bring up their stance on climate change (if positive) and thank them for their awareness.

Write about why you wished to write to them and what issues you feel strongly about in regards to climate change and how it is affecting you. It may be helpful to add recent news in regards to climate change and also voice general concerns you may possess in regards to the future of society. Focusing on one particular issue can help as well. Explain why you think the your countries current action (or lack thereof) on climate change is insufficient.

Lastly, include something positive, for example the falling cost of renewable energy, the potential for climate jobs to regenerate your local area!
As my MP, I am asking you to call for stronger action on climate change.

Best wishes
Your Name

Pre-written letter

If you’re a little busy and don’t have time to fill out the above template the following is a good copy and paste option to send to your representative as well, you just need to add the MP’s name and sign your name at the bottom.


Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work for your constituents and helping our voice be heard and bringing our concerns to the forefront and fighting for what is best for us.

I wanted to write to you to bring attention to the ongoing issue of climate change and how community and the constituents it is composed of wish to lower our affect on the environment and I believe wholeheartedly that more can be done. I wish for a more green and sustainable future for our community and coming generations. I feel like our current actions against climate change don’t hold the mega polluters accountable and is letting off big corporations who cause the majority of greenhouse gas release. I also believe our country can do more in ways of creating green initiatives which subsidize costs such as public transit and create tax incentives for those who make their homes more “green”

All in all, I believe that this country has a great green future where climate change can be reduced and more jobs can be created for our communities.

I wish for a better future and hope you do as well.

Best Regards,
Your Name

As you can see your MP has a say and that is because they were elected by YOU! in order to gain benefit, voice your opinion and fight for what you think is right and by doing this you may be raising your voice for tens or hundreds who don’t have the ability or the opportunity to do so. Write to your MP about climate change.

Get the attention of your MP and make a change in your community, every little change has to start from somewhere.


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Write to your MP about Climate Change

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